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Since the Ancient times, people have relied on the natural therapeutic properties that Aloe Vera has to offer. Now, you can still enjoy these astounding benefits in convenient and easy to use LR Aloe Vera products. From natural skincare Aloe Vera cream to the nutritious Aloe Vera gel drink, you have an excellent support to boost your overall health.

LR Aloe Vera Skin Care Backed by Historical and Scientific Studies

Aloe Vera, a kind of shrub known for its succulent leaves, is known for its gel-like material that contains unique compounds. It contains latex, which is rich in anthracene compounds known for their potent laxative effects. As for the gel, it has galactan and glucomannan, which are polysaccharides. There are also traces of glycoproteins in the gel.

The benefits of Aloe Vera can be traced far back in history, centuries ago. In fact, in Ancient Egypt, beauty products were made from Aloe Vera. About 6,000 years ago, the royalties in Egypt including Nofretete and Cleopatra relied used Aloe Vera as a natural face cream that helped retain the suppleness and moisture of their skin. It was a mainstay in their daily beauty and skin care regimen.

Moreover, Aloe Vera was used for embalming the dead due to the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of this plant. These extraordinary qualities of Aloe Vera were documented in 1500 BC in the Ancient papyrus Eber, which coined this shrub as the natural plant of eternity.

In Ancient Rome, the people followed suit when they learned about the impressive health benefits of Aloe Vera. In 50 BC, a naturalist and physician named Dioscorides conducted research on natural medications and discovered the Aloe Vera’s potency in treating certain conditions including gingivitis, acne, sunburn, skin irritation, and gastrointestinal issues. This is why he prescribed Aloe Vera for the treatment of several diseases.

Even in the Chinese medicine, Aloe Vera played a significant role. The Shi-Shen treatment book in China described the Aloe Vera as a plant that promotes a Method of Harmony. It was often used in the daily life of the people in China, served as a beverage or used as a natural skin treatment. The same holds true in Japan, as Aloe Vera held the title Royal Plant and consumed by the people as an elixir.

Today, LR Aloe Vera natural skin care products brings the same positive results that people from centuries ago have attributed to this medicinal plant. Whether manufactured as a food supplement, health drink, or as a primary ingredient in cosmetics, you can receive the astounding effects that the Ancient medical practitioners, elites, and royalties have experienced from centuries ago.

Discover the Impressive LR Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

This  publication is intended solely for informative purposes. It must in no way be understood as a substitute for medical assistance. All those who need medical advice, treatment and care are strongly advised to consult an experienced doctor, naturopath or pharmacist.

Aloe Vera products are not an aid in the sense of the drug law in Germany!

Diseases and injuries are still part of the treatment of physicians, even though scientific evidence is available through studies on the healing power of aloe vera. The individual case is always decisive and can not be judged by the layman.

1. Oral Health The General Dentistry published a study that presented the benefits of Aloe Vera in caring for the gums and fighting cavities. The anti-bacterial component of Aloe Vera is responsible for controlling harmful elements that cause cavities. Although some commercial toothpastes offer this kind of benefit, as well, the result is much more impressive among those who used toothpaste containing Aloe Vera gel. In addition to controlling bacteria that promote cavities, Aloe Vera also help reduce inflammation of gums. Thus, it is a natural solution for gingivitis and bleeding gums, along with its potent action in keeping your breath fresh.

2. Minor Skin Conditions When it comes to natural skin care products that offer relief and recovery, those containing Aloe Vera are worth a try for a non-invasive solution to skin conditions. Aloe Vera boasts of its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, which make it ideal as an immediate treatment for superficial cuts, itching, and rashes. According to study conducted by researchers in Spain’s University of Las Palmas, they discovered that the leaf and flower extracts from the Aloe Vera contained antioxidants that help destroy bacteria causing skin irritations. This is why the plant is renowned as an outstanding source of natural antioxidant to promote healthy skin.

3. Sunburns and Wounds Thermal burns and wounds may take time to heal, but the recovery process can be made quicker with the help of organic Aloe Vera gel. Sun protection creams and lotions with Aloe Vera as their primary ingredient aids in the relief of pain and discomfort caused by sunburns. As the gel cools the skin, it also facilitates the repair of damages to the skin by promoting a more efficient cell growth and renewal process. The Pakistan Medical Association presented a study they have made on the benefits of Aloe Vera to the healing of wounds. They have discovered that those who used Aloe Vera for the wound experienced greater pain relief and recovery.

4. Inflammation Inflammation is the reason why most diseases take place in the body. But because of the impressive array of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in Aloe Vera, you can have an excellent support to minimize risks of inflammation and combat the effects of free radical damage. Aloe Vera is loaded with vitamin A, which is an antioxidant that supports normal vision, healthy skin, and neurological function. It also contains vitamin C that slows down the process of skin wrinkling, reduces one’s chances of cardiovascular disease and eye problems. Then, there’s the vitamin E component in Aloe Vera gel that minimizes free radical damages and fight inflammation. This is why you can maintain that youthful and radiant glow in your skin. In addition to all of these amazing skin benefits, applying Aloe Vera cream daily can help protect your skin from inflammation after being exposed to the sun. The best face cream also has a good amount of Aloe Vera that aids in the treatment of acne, itching, redness, and other imperfections.

5. Diabetes
A natural support for the overall health of diabetes patients, Aloe Vera may prove to help in protecting them from cardiovascular complications linked with this disease. Studies have been made to alleviate certain issues including an imbalance in the lipid profile and chronic cases of hyperglycemia.

Aloe Vera drinking gel, for instance, can help decrease serum triglyceride and blood glucose levels, as discovered in clinical trials involving diabetics. There were also no side effects Aloe Vera caused to these study participants, which made it safe for use by patients suffering from diabetes.

6. Immune System
People who drink Aloe Vera daily can benefit from the excellent immune system support that it can offer to the body. There are key components in Aloe Vera that make this possible – the bradykinase and zinc. What the bradykinase does is to stimulate the functions of the immune system while addressing infections. As for zinc, this mineral is essential in a healthy immune function by fighting off bacteria and protecting the cell membranes.

Another notable feature of zinc is its important role in the hormone receptors. It helps in balancing out the mood and promoting a healthy cognitive system for memory and learning support.

As Aloe Vera is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic, it helps build up your immune system without leading to side effects or allergic reactions. It is also the reason why the shrub is used in dentistry and dermatology, to name a few.

7. Gastrointestinal Health For those who suffer from digestion concerns, a consumption of the Aloe Vera gel drink may prove to be beneficial to their condition. It contains laxative and anti-inflammatory components that support digestion and elimination naturally. The Aloe Vera drink supports digestion by normalizing the alkaline and acid levels in the body, as well as the pH balance. It also aids in promoting regular bowels, encouraging the growth of “good” digestive bacteria, and reducing yeast formation in the gastrointestinal tract. Scientific researchers have discovered that consuming at least 30 ml of Aloe Vera gel drink twice daily can decrease discomfort and promote relief among patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Studies have also showed the benefits of Aloe Vera to those experiencing flatulence, constipation, and inconsistent stool quality. With the antibacterial substances in Aloe Vera, the stomach lining is restored to its normal condition.

8. Cold Sores Cold sores can be a major pain to deal with as it makes chewing difficult and uncomfortable. But due to the anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties of Aloe Vera, it can be used to apply to a cold sore for relief and healing. Since it is safe for the health, there is no concern even if you swallow Aloe Vera gel. Any type of sore in your mouth can get better at a faster rate with the help of this natural treatment. The accelerated healing can be attributed to the nutritional profile of Aloe Vera. Among the nutrients that it contains are vitamin B2, B1, B6, and C. Combined with amino acids, Aloe Vera gel creates powerful antibodies needed by the immune system to protect your body from infections.

LR Aloe Vera Gel for Healthier Hair

Aloe Vera gel is noted for its extensive supply of substances needed for healthy hair growth such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. But how effective is Aloe Vera in giving you thicker and more abundant hair?

The Trichological Society reports that the average hair growth rate per month is 1 centimeter. But some people experience slower hair growth due to a number of factors, and one of these is the absence of key nutrients needed by the body to help the hair grow faster and thicker.

Since Aloe Vera contains essential amino acids, fatty acids, zinc, copper, plant steroids, and vitamins, using hair products that contain Aloe Vera may be beneficial to giving you a thicker and shinier mane.

As the skin and the hair are closely related, it is important to ensure a healthy scalp to keep your locks stronger and fuller. One of the common scalp issues is Seborrheic dermatitis, which may appear on the scalp. When this happens, the scalp turns crusty, which can be quite itchy and scaly.

In a study conducted by medical researchers, they have discovered that Aloe Vera gel applied to the scalp helped minimize itchiness and scaliness. It can also provide the scalp with oxygen that promotes blood circulation and excellent nutrition to your hair follicles.

As a bonus, the impressive nutritional component in Aloe Vera can help in locking in moisture in your hair. So if you have dry and brittle hair, applying Aloe Vera gel and massaging this to your scalp can improve the appearance and texture of your locks.

Skin Care with LR Aloe Vera Products

Whether it is an Aloe Vera face cream, hand cream, lotion, or similar products, these can all give amazing benefits to your skin. Let’s look into the numerous Aloe Vera benefits that can enhance your skin’s health and let your natural beauty shine from the inside and out.

1. Moisturizes the skin.
The LR Aloe Vera gel gives your skin a supple and smooth feel without the greasiness. In fact, it works for all types of skin – combination, dry, oily, and sensitive. People with oily skin should not have any problem with this product at all. Moreover, the Aloe Vera component in your makeup can help moisturize the skin and prevent dryness and roughness. Even men who use an aftershave foam or lotion that contains Aloe Vera can help in treating minor cuts or nicks from shaving.

2. Sunburn Treatment
Organic skin care products from LR Aloe Vera designed for sun protection can prevent the skin from getting worse after being exposed in the sun. The Aloe Vera gel serves as the skin’s protective layer, which replenishes moisture and keeps it sealed in. Most importantly, Aloe Vera gel has antioxidant properties and nutritional components that make the skin heal much quicker.

3. Acne Control and Treatment
LR Aloe Vera face cream and beauty products promote clear and flawless skin by controlling and treating acne safely and effectively. There are 2 unique hormones in Aloe Vera – gibberellins and auxin. Due to the anti-inflammatory qualities of Aloe Vera, skin inflammation is reduced while new cell growth is stimulated.

Aside from treating acne, scars are also minimized. The soothing effects of aloe reduce blistering, itchiness, and skin inflammations as your skin heals faster. Even in Ayurvedic medicine, beauty products contain aloe, as well as skin treatment for eczema, psoriasis, and some chronic skin issues.

4. Anti-Aging
As you age, your skin loses its suppleness and taut quality. But by using organic skin care products such as the ones offered by LR Aloe Vera Shop, you can help maintain your youthful appearance much longer. The skin will become more elastic, thus minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Aloe Vera face creams contain an extensive range of antioxidants such as vitamin E, C, and beta carotene that promote the firmness and moisture of your skin. The result? Tighter, more radiant, and younger-looking skin naturally.

5. Stretch Marks As your body grows, your skin tends to expand and contract. This is why when you gain or lose weight, the quality of your skin changes at the same time. However, the greater your skin stretches – and all too soon – its elasticity is affected. This is why after a rapid weight gain or pregnancy, you may notice stretch marks on certain areas such as your abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks. The marks are caused by the small tears in the skin’s layers due to stretching excessively and suddenly. To help minimize the appearance of stretch marks, you can apply Aloe Vera gel to the affected parts. But the effect may not be visible immediately, which means you will need to apply the gel regularly for a period of time to notice some improvements on your stretch marks. Over time, the tears in the skin are healed as stretch marks become less and less noticeable.

Good for Overall Health

When you drink Aloe Vera daily, you are supplying your body with essential nutrients for optimum health. The LR Aloe Vera drinking gel is packed with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, enzymes, anthraquinones, lignin, amino acids, sterols, and saponins that your body needs to thrive. As an added bonus, Aloe Vera drinking gel tastes amazing, too, so you’ll enjoy consuming it everyday. It’s refreshing and revitalizing, which makes it an excellent daily beverage.

LR Aloe Vera Products – Health Care and Beyond

Indeed, aloe vera is an immense natural supplement that can do great wonders to your health! This is why when it comes to choosing the right aloe vera product to buy as skin treatment, face cream, or an aloe vera drinking gel, it is important to consider the company behind it. You want to make sure that QUALITY is ensured, as it can make a huge difference to the level of satisfaction and health benefits you will receive.

The LR Aloe Vera proudly meets the German quality standard, which is known throughout the world. It holds an outstanding reputation because of its optimum reliability and superior quality. In fact, a large part of the LR Aloe Vera products are produced and manufactured at the company’s Ahlen headquarters.

Customers and business partners can rest assured that LR Aloe Vera stands true to its claims. All of its products use premium materials and have undergone stringent tests both internally and externally. As for the purchase price of these items, you can guarantee that these quality products are available at favorable costs for your optimum satisfaction.

As you browse the LR Aloe Vera shop, you can find a wide selection of items that will match your unique needs and standards. There are products suitable for men, women, children, and seniors. These items can help to promote good health from head to toe, with an array of product categories to choose from. From oral health, cognitive support, skin care, and general well-being, you can be sure to find just the perfect aloe vera gel product that suits your best.

LR Aloe Vera Gives Back

In addition to the remarkable quality of products, LR Aloe Vera has established a non-profit organization called LR Global Kids Fund. Founded in 2009, this organization supports projects that help improve children’s quality of life. As there are countless girls and boys who suffer from economic, social, and personal difficulties, they tend to lose hope and optimism to attain a bright future.

Unfortunately, government support does not suffice, which is why a need to overcome these social challenges is important to be done with the whole community working hand in hand.

The LR Global Kids Fund is a collaborative effort of the company and its sales partners, customers, and employees. Since its inception, it has been supporting various aid projects for the children in countries where the company is conducting its business.

The concept of giving “more quality for life” is not merely reflected in the LR aloe vera products, but it is also evident in the company’s social commitment. This is the reason behind the LR Global Kids Fund – to practice social responsibility to underprivileged children in many parts of the globe.

Through donations raised by sponsoring members contributing regularly to the organization, funds are collected to support the needs of these children. Marketing campaigns conducted by the company, along with the merchandise sale also help raise the needed funds. Thus, health projects and education support are provided to children giving “more quality to life”.

Making Lives Better at LR Aloe Vera

Your health and well-being are supported naturally with the help of high quality aloe vera products that LR offers. But in addition to the health benefits of the different items you can find at the LR Aloe Vera shop, there is more to this company than what meets the eye.

At LR, it is also possible to build up your career and boost your cash inflow as you help promote good health and an outstanding quality of life. By becoming an LR partner, you can fulfill not only your dreams, but even those dear to you.

LR partners can benefit the remuneration system that yields immense income opportunities. This system gives partners a chance to gain extra income with just a minimum of 10 hours a week devoted to it. With more time allotted to this business, the amount of money you can make is to the roof!

With LR, partners are NEVER alone in building their career and wealth. In this business, you can receive much support from individual service, attractive incentive system, targeted promotion, and a systematic, advanced training development program.

The on-board program supports every LR partner with a successful start by putting their best foot forward at the beginning of this business venture. This program was created to make sure every new sales partner can learn the ropes around the growing LR world, along with the products available. It’s why from the moment you join in, you will never feel alone or lost throughout the process. You have the full support of a friendly team the whole time!

During the initial week, the partners will receive valuable pieces of information about LR, as well as details about the products and the career opportunities in store for them. There are also materials included in the comprehensive package that provide insights into LR, along with newsletters, satisfaction surveys, and websites. The sponsor, leader, and team collaborate closely with each other to make sure newcomers can experience a smooth-sailing entry into the world of LR.

LR Aloe Vera – Living Up to Its Promises

With the on-going support given to LR partners, along with the superior quality of products that this brand offers, LR Aloe Vera has a long way to go as it keeps growing. It all started with the understanding that aloe vera is indeed an excellent natural aid to various skin, hair, and health conditions. Then, it goes from there by creating specially formulated products that nurture the mind, body, and overall well-being of each individual.

And that desire to tell the world about the benefits of this “nature’s finest” in health and nutrition went farther and extended to helping people from all over the world – from children, men, women, and seniors of all walks of life. That is the LR Aloe Vera promise, which it truly delivers with its German-quality standard products tested and proven to offer optimum satisfaction and great value for your money.


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