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Stanislav natural health and beauty blogI have always been a firm believer of natural solutions to problems. And based on my personal experience, nature is vastly available to help alleviate various conditions we suffer from. Since it comes from nature, our body does not react adversely to it. The only thing we need to consider is to choose carefully the right natural product that will yield positive results we want. This requires conducting plenty of research, gathering facts, and being observant and sensitive enough to determine if what we’re doing is benefiting us in every way.

My philosophy always involved taking action and choosing the best route to take when things get tough. This mentality was strengthened by my experience in dealing with difficulties in the past. After the revolution in Slovakia, I left my country in search of a better life. I was 18 years old at that time.

I travelled across Europe, encountered several challenges but one thing remained in my mind – to stay strong and to never give up. My exposure to various cultures enabled me to have a better understanding of the people around me. It also allowed me to welcome diversity, thus inspired me to learn several languages to connect with the world more. I am conversant in English, German, Italian, Polish,  Slovakian, Czech and a little bit of Bulgarian and Russian.

Now, at 47 years old, I can confidently say that I’m  rich in experience and possess a greater understanding of life than what I knew when I first left my home country. Life has become an excellent teacher to me.

In 2010, I settled in Germany and worked as an engine assembler in a company. Unfortunately, I contracted an irritation from metal while at work and this eventually progressed into eczema. It was very painful and uncomfortable, and I decided to use cortisone to relieve the discomfort. This medication helped but only temporarily.

Being a problem-solver that I am, I did some research and looked for a better solution to my skin condition. I found a Slovakian Facebook group during my online search and asked suggestions from them on what I can use to alleviate my difficult experience with eczema.

One man responded and even offered to meet me to explain further what eczema is and a natural solution to take for it. So we met, and I was astonished from his extensive knowledge of this subject. He was not a physician but a consultant for alternative medicine.

He advised me to take Aloe Vera drinking gel to detoxify my body, and he suggested that I start using Aloe Vera soap and creams to help with the itching and discomfort. I followed this therapy he prescribed for 6 months. He would see  me and monitor my progress.

After the therapy, the eczema was completely gone. It was a mind-blowing and it made me realize that natural solutions really work!

My successful battle with eczema inspired me to help others who are suffering from a vast range of disorders. I witnessed the amazing results myself, and I was certain it could do other people great benefits, as well.

So I became a consultant and distributor of these Aloe Vera products that I used, along with others that are intended to support one’s health. I entered the nutritional supplement industry in 2011 and became a representative of a German  brand. But after learning more about nutritional and natural supplements, I realized that Aloe Vera is still the most potent ingredient – more powerful than the other ones I have used and tested, so far.

During those 7 years of intensive research, experimentation, and comparisons I conducted on various brands of aloe vera products and other natural supplements, I have enriched my knowledge and understanding in my field of focus.

Driven by the strong desire to help people who suffer from various medical conditions, I decided to start this blog that would serve as a platform for presenting skincare and natural-based products, their benefits, and everything else you need to know about them. I am not offering conclusive resolutions but merely the fruits of my research.

I welcome any feedback, question, comment or relevant topic of discussion that would come to your mind as you read my posts. Please browse through the different topics I have written about and let me know your feedback. I would love to connect with you and help in any way that I can.

Cheers to your health and wellness!

Stanislav Rurik